Beginning March 22, 2021, Software Orders may now be paid via Credit Card. Refer to e-Notification General 017 for further information.

In response to COVID-19, non-essential PennDOT personnel are required to work from home.  As a result, we do not have access to Software Orders sent via USPS or private parcel carriers.  Until further notice, Software Orders can be submitted by e-mailing the appropriate Order Form and/or Update Form with a scanned copy of the check to PenndotBisEngineer@pa.gov.  The forms and payment should then be shipped as before.  The payments will be processed when we are able to return to the office.  Thank you for your patience.

Please note:  PA 6% Sales Tax applies to all license and update fees with the following exceptions  The sales tax does not apply to out-of-state organizations as long as both the Mailing Address and the Site License Address listed on the Order Form are outside of Pennsylvania, and to Tax-exempt organizations, who submit a PA REV-1220 form (https://www.revenue.pa.gov/FormsandPublications/FormsforBusinesses/SUT/Documents/rev-1220.pdf).


Interactive Order and Update Forms for the PENNDOT Engineering Software are available in Adobe Acrobat PDF files. You will need to have the Adobe Reader software installed to access them and have them automatically calculated the required fee to submit. We recommend using the most recent version of Adobe Reader - available free from Adobe's website.


Order Form:

Interactive PDF Order Form - Please open with Adobe Reader to automatically calculate the required fee.


Update Form:

Interactive PDF Update Form - Please open with Adobe Reader to automatically calculate the required fee.


Please Note:  The PENNDOT Engineering Programs do not include a graphical user interface (GUI).  The engineering programs are command line programs that require the input be stored in a text file.  The programs run from the command line, read the input file and produce the output in a text file.  The PENNDOT Engineering Programs can be accessed with a user friendly GUI by licensing the Engineering Assistant (EngAsst) program.  EngAsst is a general purpose Windows GUI program that works with all PENNDOT Engineering Programs and requires a separate license.  For further information about the EngAsst program, click here.


Click the "Program Name" for program description, User Manual, initial license and update fees



Program Name Program Title Version User's Guide
ENGASST Engineering Assistant 10-18



Program Name Program Title Version User's Manual
ABLRFD LRFD Abutment and Retaining Wall Analysis and Design 11-19
BPLRFD LRFD Bearing Pad Design and Analysis 03-20
BXLRFD LRFD Box Culvert Design and Rating 01-21
FBLRFD LRFD Floorbeam Analysis and Rating 06-20
PSLRFD LRFD Prestressed Concrete Girder Design and Rating 02-21
SPLRFD LRFD Steel Girder Splice Design and Analysis 09-16
STLRFD LRFD Steel Girder Design and Rating 07-20
TRLRFD LRFD Truss Analysis and Rating 09-17



Program Name Program Title Version User's Manual
ABUT5 Abutment and Retaining Wall 05-05
ARCH Arch Analysis and Design 05-02
BAR7 Bridge Analysis and Rating 02-18
BOX5 Box Culvert Design and Rating 06-17
BRGEO Bridge Geometry 02-19
BSP Beam Section Properties 03-15
CAMBR Field Check of Camber 03-15
CBA Continuous Beam Analysis 12-18
PS3 Prestressed Concrete Girder 12-16
SIGN Sign Structure Analysis 07-14