BRGEO Initial License and Update Fees

Last revised: April 03, 2020

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To calculate the station, offset, coordinates and elevation of points of interest on a bridge.  The bridge may be defined entirely on a tangent or curve, including a spiraled curve, or on a combination of tangent and curved sections.  Either all or part of the bridge may be on a vertical curve.  Either SI or US customary units can be used.


Vertical and horizontal geometry, roadway cross-section data, abutment positions, girder offsets, slab and girder depths.


For each point of interest, the top of slab elevation, top of girder elevation, top of pier elevation (if point lies on bearing line), station, offset from reference line, x and y coordinates. Gutter elevations are given at a specified interval.

BRGEO User's Manual

Note: An Evaluation (demonstration) version of this software is not available.

BRGEO Version Released Fee Private Fee Gov/Edu Federal and StateTransportation Agencies
Initial 1.0 Jul-96 --- --- ---
Update 1.1 May-98 Free Free Free
Update Apr-15 Free Free Free
Update Aug-19 $50.00 $50.00 Free
New License --- $500.00 $100.00 Free

Note: The update fees listed above are the fees required to update from the previous version.  Update fees are cumulative. Include all update fees for intermediate releases if you are updating from an older version, however the update fee should not exceed that charged for a new license.

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