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Last revised: February 15, 2019

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To analyze and design a reinforced concrete arch culvert  in accordance with the AASHTO Standard  Specifications for Highway Bridges using the Load Factor Design method. The arch can be fixed or tied, but must have symmetrical geometry and loading. The intrados and extrados curves can have up to three centers and a tangent.  Arch geometry can be defined by the intrados and extrados centers or by the coordinates, segment lengths and thicknesses of segments. The required reinforcement is computed by the program. 


Arch type (fixed or tied), geometry and strength data, locations of centers of curvatures, section properties, fill height, and uniform live load.


Arch geometry, radii, elastic center properties, loads and internal forces, influence line ordinates and areas of reinforcement.

ARCH User's Manual

Note: An Evaluation (demonstration) version of this software is not available.

ARCH Version Released Fee Private Fee Gov/Edu Federal and StateTransportation Agencies
Initial 1.0 Oct-90 --- --- ---
Update Jun-02 $50.00 $50.00 Free
New License --- $500.00 $100.00 Free

Note: The update fees listed above are the fees required to update from the previous version.  Update fees are cumulative. Include all update fees for intermediate releases if you are updating from an older version, however the update fee should not exceed that charged for a new license.

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