SIGN Initial License and Update Fees

Last revised: February 14, 2019

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To analyze and perform specification checking sign structures in accordance with the AASHTO Standard  Specifications for Structure Support for Highway Signs, Luminaires and Traffic Signals 2001.  The types of sign structures can be tapered tube, two post planar truss, two post tri-chord truss, four post tri-chord truss, four post four-chord truss, cantilever and center mounted structures.


Structure type, geometry, attachments, member cross-sections, material strengths, loads, footing geometry, reinforcement and other criteria.


Finite element model properties, finite element analysis results, section properties, loads and load combinations (AASHTO Group Loads), compactness, slenderness, moments and torsions, shear and axial forces, deflections, cambers , quantities, footing analysis results and reinforcement.

SIGN User's Manual

Note: An Evaluation (demonstration) version of this software is not available.

SIGN Version Released Fee Private Fee Gov/Edu Federal and StateTransportation Agencies
Initial 1.0 Aug-95 --- --- ---
Update 1.1 Dec-00 Free Free Free
Update May-06 $50 $50 Free
Update Apr-08 $50 $50 Free
Update Sep-09 $50 $50 Free
Update Sep-14 $50 $50 Free
New License --- $500.00 $100.00 Free

Note: The update fees listed above are the fees required to update from the previous version. Update fees are cumulative. Include all update fees for intermediate releases if you are updating from an older version, however the update fee should not exceed that charged for a new license.

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