ENGASST v2.4.0.6 and v2.4.0.9 Compatibilty Issues

Last revised: February 20, 2019

Warning: The latest versions of the PennDOT Engineering Programs will NOT work with the EngAsst program versions and, unless the "RUN EXE - Command Window" option is selected on the EngAsst "Edit" menu as shown below.

Start EngAsst v2.4.0.6 or v2.4.0.9, select the "Edit" menu and select the "Run EXE - Command Window" option.

Now the latest version of the PennDOT Engineering Programs should work.



Note: EngAsst version and older cannot be used with the latest versions of the PennDOT Engineering Programs.


EngAsst v2.5.0.0 Availability

A new version of EngAsst is available for use with the PennDOT Engineering Programs that resolves this issue. EngAsst v2.5.0.0 is available as a free download to existing licensees of EngAsst. Please fill out an Update Form and e-mail it to PennDOT at PenndotBisEngineer@pa.gov, and download instructions will be provided. The Update form is available at the PennDOT Engineering Programs website.